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Robert Alexander
The beauty of melancholy

«There's no love, there's just September» discovers Robert Alexander with disillusionment in his song «Crying in the Night». Not often does a love that faded away sound more comforting.

On his first solo album Robert Alexander presents 10 songs: from folk («Shantilly Darling») over pop-rock («Say U Wonder») to soul («Romeo Sad Eye») - always with distinct character.

10 pearls in the tradition of an Elvis Costello or Burt Bacharach: auspicious melodies and delicate backing vocals over complex chords - never rushed, but always borne by maturity and naturalness.

The acoustic held songs, with almost all instruments performed by Robert Alexander, form a picture -like by themselves- between melancholy and euphoria.

With «Love Songs», co-produced by Peter Figner (Sophie Hunger «Sketches on Sea»), Robert Alexander presents an album which has the power to melt the coldest winter day.


Robert Alexander, englishman in Zurich, makes music and performances and has a musical side-project with «», focusing on electro-improvisation.

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Zur Zeit keine Konzerte

No concerts at the moment

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